Who we are

The EkinisiLAB is an initiative by SEV in collaboration with the City of Athens, to create an organized environment for incubation of innovative business ideas – ideas from young people needing support to turn their business idea into a full business plan. The intention of SEV is to offer practical support for knowledge-based entrepreneurship, helping to create new, innovative and outward-looking businesses.

SEV – the institutional representative of the contemporary business community, with members investing, innovating and creating added value for the whole of society – makes available the invaluable expertise of its businesses and their executives to help ensure that the business ideas to be developed will have the necessary ingredients for success, so important in today’s demanding environment.

Our country’s return to growth will be achieved through the promotion of new businesses with technological capacities to create innovative, competitive products and services. SEV supports youth entrepreneurship and offers the means to aspiring young entrepreneurs to allow them to try out their idea, to develop business skills and to gain hands-on experience of the thrilling world of business – with all its difficulties and challenges.

Our approach

  • The EkinisiLAB environment offers opportunities for development and networking, using the expertise of high-ranking executives from SEV member-businesses.
  • It offers users the facilities to plan products and services with international prospects, as well as targeted communication strategies and promotion for the newly-established business, with the necessary activities to promote corporate identity.
  • It also offers market research services and data on export markets.
  • The EkinisiLAB boasts a total of four business incubators– 2 in Athens, 1 in Volos and 1 in Iraklion (Crete) – with plans to expand to other parts of Greece.

Who do we seek to help?

  • Aspiring young entrepreneurs, who have original, new ideas and want to turn them into practice in order to create their own successful business.
  • Existing young entrepreneurs who need to acquire the knowledge and resources necessary to support their business.
  • Teams of scientists with innovative ideas and promising business cases.
  • Teams of researchers interested in incubating proposals originating from their research work, in order to transfer technology to industry and production.

What we offer

  • Market research and business model design.
  • Ongoing guidance from experienced coaches, tailored to individual needs.
  • Design of products and services, with international prospects.
  • Targeted communication strategy and planning of necessary promotion and marketing activities.
  • Networking with institutional agencies and financial institutions to secure financial resources and a favourable institutional and developmental environment.
  • Organized network of mentors, consisting of high-ranking business executives and businesspeople.

Register your idea with EkinisiLAB

The first thing you have to do to join the programme is to register your idea on the EkinisiLAB website. As part of the evaluation process, you will be invited to make a presentation to the EkinisiLAB committee, consisting of important personalities from the business and academic worlds.

Best of luck!