Get the right guidance to design your business model

Experienced coaches will undertake to guide your team, helping you make your business idea a reality.  

Our coaches will seek:

  • To guide you in areas involved in the thematic and technological aspects of your business, and in business planning and actually implementing your idea
  • to oversee quality and help you maximize the feasibility and export orientation of your business plan

The coaches will undertake

To monitor and properly target the idea

To implement all agreed parameters, both quantitative and qualitative, within the timetable laid down, in the following main categories:

  • Team
  • Finance
  • Product
  • Market
  • Organization

To develop the human resources of the team

  • Strengthening the personal and professional skills of each member
  • Achieving ever higher levels in efficiency, growth and progress

By the end of the coaching process, your business team will have acquired the shared values, professionalism, respect, determination and enthusiasm necessary for you to proceed to launch your own business.

Take advantage of our advisory support

EkinisiLab offers individually tailored advisory services from specialist business advisors.

Our advisors offer invaluable knowledge in the following areas

  • Market research services
  • Study of foreign markets
  • Development of export activity
  • Technological improvement and innovation services
  • Technical support for specialist ICT needs
  • Support in registering intellectual property and trademarks of the business, in Greece and abroad
  • Communication and promotion plan for products/services
  • Legal and technical-financial support in setting up a business