Learn the market through the right networking

Our Mentors are senior executives from SEV member-businesses, figures of standing with a proven track record in their careers, offering to act as your connecting link with the market.

Our Mentors provide many years of experience

  • In business organization and management
    • In improving competitiveness
    • In developing export orientation
    • In framing policies for growth
    • In innovative entrepreneurship

Our Mentors offer guidance and networking

  • in framing corporate strategy, negotiating strategies, marketing and sales strategies, etc.
  • in networking with businesses and sector agencies
  • in acting as intermediaries to arrange meetings with possible associates, clients and suppliers
  • in the transfer of experience and expertise through organized visits to individual divisions in their businesses.

Organize your business network

The purpose of networking is to increase the number and range of associates of your business. It also encourages cooperation among innovative businesses and research centres in order to stimulate innovation.

Networking offers

  • event organizing
  • networking activities for businesspeople all over Europe
  • organization of Β2Β meetings
  • use of the Internet and specialist databases (Enterprise Europe Network), etc.